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Heat waves around the world are connected, scientists say

Photo taken in New York City, United States

Those topsy turvy undulations helped to cause both the 115-degree high temperature in Mangum, Oklahoma, on Tuesday and the U.K.’s breaking of its all-time record high temperature, with 104.36°F recorded in Coningsby, England, the same day, scientists tell Axios.

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Lula da Silva confirmed as Brazil party’s presidential candidate

Da Silva was backed by 47 percent of likely voters in the October 2 election and Bolsonaro by 28 percent, according to the Datapolha poll from June, which had a margin for error of two percentage points. That puts da Silva within striking distance of an outright victory in the first round, with no runoff needed, though analysts have said they expect the race to tighten in coming months.

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“Freedom of Choice”: Iran’s Women Rally Against Compulsory Hijab

For Iran’s government, July 12 was to be “National Hijab and Chastity Day”, to mark the importance of the country’s strict rules over women and their bodies. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, it is mandatory for women and girls above the age of nine to wear hijab in public.

#Iran #womensrights #middleeast #activism

A New Trippy Image from the James Webb Space Telescope Just Dropped

This time, the subject of the image is an incredible vortex shape, and it almost feels like it’s drawing you in. It is, in fact, a galaxy named “Phantom Galaxy” (officially known as NGC 628), and its spiral form makes it looks like a wormhole. 

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