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‘Locals f–king hate you. Leave’: Mexicans say American residents are a ‘plague’

Americans can come here, and they can afford everything and live like kings and queens,” Dan Defossey, a business owner in Mexico City told the LA Times. “Mexico is not cheap for Mexicans.”

#Mexico #UnitedStates #gentrification #economics

Tunisia’s president handed unchecked power with new constitution

Adel, a plumber who refused to give his last name due to fear of political reprisals, said that while he supported Mr. Saied, he did not participate in Monday’s referendum because he thought the proposed changes gave the executive branch too much power.

#Tunisia #politics #Elections #President

7.0-magnitude earthquake leaves at least 5 dead and 130 injured in northern Philippines

“The ground shook like I was on a swing and the lights suddenly went out. We rushed out of the office, and I heard screams and some of my companions were in tears,” Michael Brillantes, a safety officer in Abra, told the Associated Press. “It was the most powerful quake I’ve felt and I thought the ground would open up.”

#Earthquake #Philippines #Nature #Asia

There are 40% more tigers in the world than previously estimated

“A fairly significant chunk of that 40% increase is explained by the fact that we’re better at counting them, that many governments in particular have really sort of moved heaven and earth to do massive scale surveys,

#Tigers #Nature #Conservation #wildlife

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