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Brazil’s firearm ownership booms, and gun laws loosen, under President Bolsonaro

Mass shootings carried out by civilians in Brazil are rare. But rising gun ownership has led to more suicides and gun accidents involving children, says Langeani of the Sou da Paz think tank. In addition, he says drug-trafficking groups are recruiting civilians to legally purchase automatic rifles, which are then passed on to the criminals. “We are seeing more and more episodes of what in the U.S. you would call ‘straw buyer’ purchase — diversion of firearms to crime,” he says.

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‘No Black People Allowed’: South African Town Only Houses White Residents

A TikTok creator has called attention to a town in South Africa that exclusively houses white people and allegedly doesn’t “allow” Black people to reside in it. In a video that has garnered over 600,000 views, TikTok user @elsa.majimbo calls out Orania, a modern-day, “white-only town” in South Africa. “Don’t go there if you’re Black,” the TikToker warns in her video. “No Black people are allowed.” Though many in the comments expressed disbelief of a town in Africa where everyone is white, Orania is a booming rural area that dates back to 1991, per NDTV.

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On Tuesday, NBC News reported that a Florida appeals court recently ruled that a 16-year-old with no parents, job, or partner is not “sufficiently mature to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy,” and thus should be forced to create and raise a human being, which she apparently is mature enough to do.

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The universe’s most massive star may be smaller than we thought

Cosmic nebula and the shining stars, abstract space illustration

The universe’s most massive known star just got its best ever close-up, and it reveals the star might be smaller than astronomers previously thought.

#Science #Stars #Space #physics

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