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China issues alert as drought and heatwave put crops at risk

“It’s signalling to markets, anyone with the jitters, or thinking of stocking up on food, that: hey everybody is mobilised and we’re going to do everything we can,” said Pay. “It’s also signalling to local province and county level governments that they need to get out and be seen to do something even if there is nothing that can be done.”

#Drought #climatechange #China #government

How Brown People Run The White Empire

We don’t want to escape the bloody oceans; we just want to float to the top. We just want to crest like waves of whiteness, ignoring the million dead enslaved at the bottom of the ocean, the billions of wage slaves today, and the fundamental emptiness when you make it to the top. And so brown people like me continue to run the White Empire, as we always did, in more and more noticeable positions until we finally become invisible. We are the White Empire. The invisible empire. We flow like water, until the whole thing comes crashing down.

#Racism #whiteness #unitedkingdom #politics

US says airstrikes in eastern Syria were a message to Iran

“The threats that they engage in against our people in the region or elsewhere, are not linked to wherever we end up on the nuclear deal,” said Kahl. “It actually has nothing to do with our willingness and resolve to defend ourselves. And I think the strike last night was a pretty clear communication to the Iranians that these things are all on different tracks.”

#unitedstates #Syrian #iran #warzone

Extreme Lookalikes May Share Much Deeper Ties Than We Ever Realized

The powers of nurture and nature are not easily teased apart, and while twin studies are a popular form of research in the field of genetics, doppelgängers are a bit of an untapped market.

#doppleganger #Science #genetics #humanity

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