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Queen’s death intensifies criticism of British empire’s violent atrocities

The death of Queen Elizabeth II revived longstanding criticism in the US over the monarchy’s enrichment from the British empire’s violent colonization of African, Asian and Caribbean nations and their diasporas.

#TheQueen #colonialism #imperialism #britishempire

Tropical Storm Kay dumps rain on Mexico’s Baja peninsula

Hurricane Kay made landfall on a sparsely populated peninsula on Mexico’s Pacific coast Thursday before weakening into a tropical storm as it traveled on a path forecasters said might bring its rains to southernmost California by the weekend.

#hurricaneseason #HurricaneKay #Mexico #bajacalifornia

Five killed as powerful earthquake strikes Papua New Guinea

A 7.6 magnitude earthquake shook Papua New Guinea, damaging buildings, triggering landslides and killing at least five people. The United States Geological Survey said the earthquake struck at a depth of 61km (38 miles), about 67km (41 miles) from the eastern town of Kainantu, on Sunday morning.

#PapuaNewGuinea #earthquake #Asia #naturaldisaster

Scientists Studying Earth’s Trees Issue a Stark Warning to Humanity

Trees are each their own little worlds, teeming with all sorts of single- and multicellular-life forms, including other plants, fungi, bacteria, and animals. Lose a tree, and this entire world dies too. They often form the supportive base for the whole web of life around them.

#climatecrisis #Trees #nature #science

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