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It’s a Girl (Fascist)!

It’s tempting to say that her position as a woman leader should be considered irrelevant, given her and her party’s vile anti-immigrant, nationalist, racist, anti-LGBTQ+ politics. But ignoring her womanhood misses some crucial points about her political ideology. Being a woman — a white woman, that is — is not in conflict with Meloni’s fascism. White supremacy has always relied on active enforcement by white women, particularly when it comes to upholding racist, pro-natalist narratives.

#italy #Fascism #GirlBossFascism #politics

Cuba holds referendum on same-sex marriage, adoption

More than 79,000 neighborhood meetings were held this earlier this year to debate the proposal, which is backed by the communist government. Church leaders have expressed opposition to the idea.

#Cuba #Referendum #MarriageEquality #ADOPTION

Nord Stream damage might be irreparable – media

The head of the German parliament’s Defense Committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, told journalists that “it cannot be ruled out that [such attacks] will be directed by Russia in order to shake our markets.” She also used the occasion to call on Germany and the EU to “free” themselves from the “dependence on Russian raw materials as quickly as possible.”

#NordStream2 #NordStreamSabotage #Russia #gasleak

Honestly? The Link Between Climate Change and Hurricanes Is Complicated

Climate change is changing hurricanes in a few ways. “First of all, you can have more intense hurricanes in a warmer climate. That finding goes back well over 30 years now,” Kerry Emanuel, an MIT meteorologist and an expert on how climate change affects hurricanes, told me. “For that reason we expect to see more of the highest-category storms—the Cat 3s, Cat 4s, Cat 5s, more of the Ian-style storms.”

#HurricaneIan #Florida #Science #ClimateChange

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