The Week in Stories Around the Globe

No U.S. Invasion of Haiti!

Haiti, Nord, view of the city from nearby hills

The U.S. Government is solely interested in exploiting the Haitian people and preventing them from exercising its sovereignty. It has been this way for over 200 years, ever since the Haitian Revolution, the world in the first successful slave rebellion to establish an independent republic. 

#Haitian #UnitedStates #Military #Intervention

CEO Pay Has Soared by Nearly 1,500% Since 1978, While Workers Have Been Left Behind

“Some observers argue that exorbitant CEO compensation is merely a symbolic issue, with no consequences for the vast majority of workers,” Bivens and Kandra note. ​“However, the escalation of CEO compensation, and of executive compensation more generally, has fueled the growth of top 1% and top 0.1% incomes, generating widespread inequality.”

#CEO #WealthIneqaulity #workers #PayGap

Iran top judge orders harsh sentences for ‘main riot elements’

“Following the failure of America in militarisation and sanctions, Washington and its allies have resorted to the failed policy of destabilisation,” Raisi said at a summit in Kazakhstan, according to his office.

#IranProtests #IranRevolution #Crackdown #Iranians

‘Lights Are Flashing Red’: Study Finds 69% Average Drop in Animal Populations Since 1970

“These plunges in wildlife populations can have dire consequences for our health and economies,” said Rebecca Shaw, WWF’s global chief scientist. “When wildlife populations decline to this degree, it means dramatic changes are impacting their habitats and the food and water they rely on. We should care deeply about the unraveling of natural systems because these same resources sustain human life.”

#ClimateChange #Extinction #Nature #animals

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