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Here’s why Seoul’s Itaewon district was so packed ahead of the deadly crowd surge

“Historically, Asians don’t celebrate Halloween … but Itaewon has a lot of foreigners and those foreigners celebrate Halloween,” Shin said. “Businesses in Itaewon cater to the huge population of foreigners living there. So because foreigners are partying in Itaewon, it just naturally became the go-to place for Halloween.”

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11 killed at concert stampede in DR Congo

A stampede left nine spectators and two police officers dead during a packed concert by African music star Fally Ipupa, at the biggest stadium in DR Congo’s capital, the Interior Minister said on Sunday, blaming the organisers.

#STAMPEDE #Africa #Concerts

Congressional Progressive Caucus Withdraws Letter That Tepidly Called for Diplomacy in Ukraine

The Congressional Progressive Caucus on Tuesday withdrew a letter that mildly expressed support for diplomatic negotiations to end Russia’s war on Ukraine as the document’s 30 signatories faced a torrent of criticism and hysterical backlash from fellow Democrats, party leaders, and pundits on social media.

#Democrats #UkraineRussiaWar #Cowards #Peace

Life on Mars May Have Been Its Own Worst Enemy

Mars the red planet black background

Whether or not ancient methanogens ever lived on Mars, the results of the new study are a reminder of how life itself can set the conditions for its own flourishing—or fizzling—on any world in the cosmos. Even single-celled organisms have the power to transform an otherwise-habitable planet into a hostile place. And, Sauterey darkly adds, “with the technological means that we have, humans can do that even faster.”

#Science #Life #solarsystem

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