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90+ Groups Tell Biden to ‘Listen to Haitian Civil Society,’ Reject Military Intervention

Discouraging military intervention, the letter pressures Biden to “listen to Haitian civil society; respect the fundamental rights of the Haitian people to shape Haitian solutions; and reevaluate U.S. support to the de facto Prime Minister Henry, as that unconditional support has removed any incentive for him to negotiate with opponents in good faith.”

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Lebanon-Israel deal a landmark but with limits, experts say

The long-awaited agreement inked last week was hailed as a game changer by officials in Lebanon, Israel and the United States. It is far from a peace deal, but proponents say the shared interest of exploiting the gas will make it less likely the two longtime enemies will go to war.

#Lebanon #Israel #War #MiddleEast

COVID during the World Cup in Qatar: Should you be worried?

“There will be lots of mass gatherings, where people will be close to each other – inside the stadium, queues outside, fan zones, parties indoors where friends will watch the games together,” he told Al Jazeera. “This is why it is important for everyone to keep at least some measures of caution and avoid crowding in close proximity to other people.”

#WorldCup #WorldCup2022 #QatarWorldCup2022 #COVID19

Sci-fi no more: Introducing the contact lenses of the future

The expert predicts that future lenses will be able to monitor eye pressure, look for glaucoma (a disease that damages the optic nerve) and even produce images of the retinal vasculature for the early detection of hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

#Contacts #scifi #Health

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