The Week in Stories Around the Globe

COP27 protesters call for climate reparations, human rights

“We cannot accept any decision here without loss and damage reparations,” she told the crowd, adding that keeping to the 1.5C global warming limit in the Paris Agreement “is not negotiable”.

#COP27 #ClimateCrisis #activism #Egypt

Supreme Court struggles with a case dealing with the rights of Native American Tribes

The law was enacted more than 40 years ago after a congressional investigation found that public and private agencies had removed a third of all Native children from their homes and placed most of them in institutions or homes with no ties to American Indian tribes.

#SCOTUS #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth #NativeAmericans

“Carbon Billionaires”: Oxfam Calls for Taxing Rich Who Profit from Emissions Fueling Climate Crisis

A new Oxfam analysis finds the investments of the world’s richest people are emitting 3 million tons a year — more than a million times the average person’s output. The report, titled “Carbon Billionaires,” suggests a wealth tax could help fund urgent climate action in developing countries.

#ClimateEmergency #TaxTheRich #billionaires #EatTheRich

Workers block Colombia coal miner Cerrejon’s rail access to export facility

Colombian coal miner Cerrejon, owned by Anglo-Swiss commodities giant Glencore, said on Saturday that a group of former workers has been blocking a rail line to a key export facility on the Caribbean Coast.

#Columbia #WorkersRights #UnionStrong #Solidarity

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