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Did the world make progress on climate change? Here’s what was decided at global talks

“We call for reduced CO2 emissions,” said Zambia’s environment minister Collins Nzovu after the meeting ended. “That’s a basic issue. Right now, as it is, we will not reach 1.5 [degrees Celsius]. We are off the map completely.”

#COP27 #ClimateChange #Globe #FossilFuels

5 killed after gunman opens fire at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs

“We started it when there were darker days. We didn’t have a lot of rights and we needed places to have a community and that’s what Club Q has been for twenty years,” 

#nightclub #Colorado #LGBTQ #TransDayOfRemembrance

Mosquitos swarm parts of Australia in “plague proportions”

Sydney Opera House and Circular quay, ferry terminus, from the harbour bridge.

“Cows are renowned for hiding their calves when they are born, stashing them away, and if you don’t get … some sort of spray or something on them, by the following day they will be that lethargic because [the mosquitoes] will have sucked them dry. …

#Australia #Flooding #Weather #Mosquito

Climate change: Melting glaciers could release tonnes of bacteria

 “Globally there are 200,000 catchments of note that are fed by glacial meltwater and some of these are very sensitive environments that are poorly developed in terms of organic carbon and nutrients.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Glaciers #bacteria

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