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Will FIFA Punish Moroccan Team Over Palestinian Flag?

The Palestinian flag and signs bearing slogans supporting the Palestinian cause have been a prominent feature of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, one of the few countries to openly support the anti-Israel Hamas terrorist organization. That was to be expected from the large Arab fan base. But, as noted, its prohibited for players to promote such causes during an international sporting event.

#Morocco #FreePalestine #WorldCup

China says ‘impossible’ to track COVID spread as virus surges

President Xi Jinping’s government is still officially committed to stopping virus transmission. But the latest moves suggest the government will tolerate more cases without quarantines or shutting down travel or businesses as it winds down its “zero-COVID” strategy.

#COVID19 #China #Quarantine #restrictions

UN Report Shows 11,000 Children Killed or Maimed in This US-Backed War

“Thousands of children have lost their lives, hundreds of thousands more remain at risk of death from preventable disease or starvation,” UNICEF executive director Catherine Russell said in a statement.

#Yemen #War #Children #UnitedNations

Nuclear fusion breakthrough: What does it mean for space exploration?

“Space travel has always been tough. That NASA has ‘blazed the trail’ that many commercial entities are now following does not mean space has gotten easier, but the new ICF results have added to the aspirational glow on the horizon of the future,” McNutt added. 

#Fusion #Science #NASA #Space

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