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The legendary life of Brazilian soccer icon Pele in photos

A three-time World Cup winner who scored 1,281 goals in 1,363 games, Pele is known as the “king of soccer,” the world’s most beautiful game.

“The difficult, the extraordinary, is not scoring a thousand goals like Pelé. It is creating a goal like Pelé,” wrote Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade.

#Pele #RIPPele #futbol #Legend

In 2022, Kenya celebrated the Queen and forgot its own struggle

(Original Caption) 12/10/1963-Nairobi, Kenya- Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta (once leader of the Mau Mau rebel movement) with “Field Marshal” Mwariama, a Mau Mau leader who came to Kenyatta’s home with a group of followers after the Prime Minister had promised amnesty to all rebels who left hiding by December 16th. Mwariama has undertaken that he and his substatial body of followers will surrender and leave their forest hiding places now that the colony is about to become independent.

The statements by the two officials indicate the erasure from public memory – in both Kenya and Britain – of the trauma of the colonial period. Worse still, they reflect the active substitution of an official narrative of British beneficence for the reality of subjugation and resistance during the 70 years of colonial rule.

#Kenya #QueenElizabethII #MauMau #Africa

Paris shooting: Protests after deadly attack on Kurds

In the aftermath of the shootings, Kurds have called for better protection from the French authorities. Community leaders met the Parisian police chief on Saturday.

#Paris #Kurds #racism #Protest

Extreme Cold Is Caused by Global Warming

Last Friday, with this recent bomb cyclone, 53.7% of the nation was covered in snow; more than any time since record-keeping began—as the oil industry knowingly lies to us and rakes in profits.

#bombcyclone2022 #GlobalWarming #ClimateCrisis #FREEZE

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