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Yes, the Ohio train wreck is an environmental disaster. No, it’s not Chernobyl.

“It’s really hard to know how those different chemicals interact and then how your body reacts,” Farmer said. “That’s why I think all the scientists are having a really hard time telling anybody what is going to happen long-term.” (To address health concerns, for at least the short term, the state is setting up a medical clinic in East Palestine.)

#Ohio #trainderailment #EastPalestineOhio #EnvironmentalDisaster

Colombia’s Indigenous have a business plan to stop drugs, save forest

Community leaders in the Putumayo province of Colombia hope to protect the region from the spread of coca crops and rising deforestation. The aim: Make a community-run fruit oil processing plant turn a profit. 

#colombia #CocaineBear #Amazon #INDIGENOUS

Western diplomacy is immature and incapable of dialogue – Russian ambassador to India

– Obviously, the progress towards the multipolar world order has accelerated. The clout of India, China, Brazil, South Africa in global decision-making has increased dramatically. There is no turning back to the Western-centric globalization model, which failed to ensure lasting stability and sustainable development. The US, on the contrary, seems unable to relinquish its hegemony and continues to promote a confrontational agenda, resorting to double standards and interference in domestic affairs. Acting a little more subtly by engaging with other countries on the notion of the so-called rules-based order, it doesn’t conceal the intention to set up a new international order on Western patterns. Needless to say, these actions undermine the existing system of international law which rests on the UN Charter, where all countries are deemed equal.

#Russia #Diplomacy #Indian #Multipolar

Tree Roots May Have Set Off a Mass Extinction

More than 360 million years ago, during the Devonian period, life was flourishing in spectacular fashion. As fish and invertebrates populated the seas, the first trees emerged on land. But by the end of the Devonian, more than half of all Earth’s species had disappeared in a series of mass extinctions. New research shows how tree evolution could have contributed to these extinction events.

#Trees #Evolution #extinction #History

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