The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Ayahuasca, ‘source of knowledge’ in the heart of the Amazon

“We were inspired by the wisdom of the ancients and the knowledge of yage” which he started drinking at the age of five, said Alex Lucitante.

#Ayahuasca #SacrePlant #SouthAmerica #Ancestors

Southern California delights in rare snowfall as winter storm intensifies

In a sight that must have delighted many Angelenos, snowflakes even fell around the Hollywood sign atop Mount Lee in the hills above the city, known for its sunny days and palm trees.

#Winter #ClimateCrisis #Snowfall

Sri Lanka Police Fires Tear Gas at Election Protest; 15 Injured

The turmoil was caused by severe shortages of some foods, fuel, cooking gas and medicine, after Sri Lanka went bankrupt because it could not repay its foreign debt. The new president, Ranil Wickremesinghe, negotiated a rescue package with the International Monetary Fund for $2.9 billion over four years, but it can be finalized only if Sri Lanka’s creditors give assurances on debt restructuring.

#srilankacrisis #WorldBank #Crisis


Earthquakes of unprecedented magnitude will destroy our metropolises. New mountains will rise right in the middle of the skyscrapers! And the remains of the ravaged neighborhoods will be swallowed up by a mega glacier. But the dead silence won’t last long. Soon, a comet will appear in the sky and turn the remnants of civilization into lava and ash! Our planet has cycles of catastrophic events that sometimes stretch for millions of years, and therefore, they are very difficult to notice.

#SuperStorm #Earth #Science #Epoch

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