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Amid mass strikes, France’s Morenoite Révolution permanente group embraces capitalist rule

For nearly two months, mass protest strikes by millions of workers and youth have continued in France against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension cuts. Three-quarters of the French people oppose the cuts, and 60 percent want a general strike to halt the economy and bring down Macron. Amid the greatest movement in France since the general strikes of 1936 and 1968, mass strikes are unfolding in Germany, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Italy, and a bloody NATO-Russia war threatens to erupt into total war across Europe.

#France #FrenchProtest #Uprising #Protest

Brazilian researchers find ‘terrifying’ plastic rocks on remote island

“The pollution, the garbage in the sea and the plastic dumped incorrectly in the oceans is becoming geological material … preserved in the earth’s geological records.”

#Rocks #geology #plasticpollution #Nature

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow, starts informal talks with Russian President

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday on a three-day visit that shows off Beijing’s new diplomatic swagger and offers a welcome political lift for Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Russia’s state-owned news agency, the informal meeting between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin has begun. The formal meetings will start tomorrow.

#China #Russia #Putin #Politics

The Lion, the Land Bridge, and the New World

North America was densely populated by an incredible diversity of species before the end of the Ice Age, Meachen says. In learning what has been lost, she hopes more people come to understand the importance of biodiversity and the need to preserve it.

#Lions #Prehistoric #NorthAmerica #nature

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