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Weaponizing e-girls: How the US military uses YouTube and TikTok to improve its image

The Pentagon understands that both in terms of politics and combat effectiveness, it’s dangerous to ignore the declining popularity of the armed forces. So, in order to recruit more young people, the military is brushing up its image not only through conventional advertising, but with the help of cute influencers.

#EGirlfriend #TikTok #USArmy #USA

The Dogs of Chernobyl Are Experiencing Rapid Evolution, Study Suggests

However, this study provides a template for further investigation into the effects of radiation on larger mammals, as the DNA of dogs roaming the Chernobyl Power Plant and nearby Chernobyl City can be compared to dogs living in non-irradiated areas. Despite a current lack of firm conclusions, the study has shown once again that an area that—by all rights—should be a wasteland has become an unparalleled scientific opportunity to understand radiation and its impact on natural evolution.

#Dogs #Chernobyl #Nature #Radiation

Finnish PM loses re-election to right-wing forces

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who gained international media prominence for taking office at a record-young age and spending some of her leisure time partying, has conceded defeat in Sunday’s general election.

#Finnland #SannaMarin #ElectionResults #Europe

How, Precisely, We’re Fucked

We can’t fuck the Earth like rabbits forever. Because we’re not just running out of fossil fuels, we’re running out of insects, we’re running out of amphibians, we’re running out of countless species, of ecosystems, of water, of habitable earth. We have traded all that which is irreplaceable for what is throw-away, and for this our descendants will suffer. But you know, fuck ‘em. By the gods it was a flourishing. We flew like gods before crashing back to the earth we scorched.

#ClimateCrisis #FossilFuels #Humanity #math

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