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China scores another diplomatic victory as Iran-Saudi Arabia reconciliation advances

Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed Thursday to reopen diplomatic missions in their respective capitals and in additional cities, Iran’s semiofficial news agency said. ISNA reported the foreign ministers had reached the agreement in Beijing. The deal also calls for the countries to study the prospects of resuming flights between the two nations and facilitating the visa process for the citizens of both countries. 

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Leaked Pentagon documents: What are the major takeaways?

The US, UK and France are among Western countries with special forces deployed in Ukraine, according to leaked intelligence documents.

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India discovers rare earth elements critical for self-reliance in defence, aerospace

Portrait Of Young Indian Woman With Colored Face Dancing During Holi

Scientists at a research institute in India’s Hyderabad discovered light rare earth elements (REE) in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, about 2,000 km south of national capital New Delhi. All these elements are deemed essential components in the manufacturing of electronic devices, medical technology, clean energy, aerospace, automotive, and defence industries.

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No, Fusion Energy Won’t Be ‘Limitless’

For fusion, however, first things first: the science. It might not work anytime soon. Perhaps it will take another 30 years. But Ward, in spite of his caution about the limits of fusion on the grid, still thinks the research is already paying for itself, generating new advances in basic science and in the creation of new materials. “I still think it’s totally worth it,” he says.

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