The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Despite Israeli restrictions, Christians celebrate Holy Flame

“We send a message to the international community and advocates of peace and human rights that the persecution of the right to worship in Palestine against Muslims and Christians is unacceptable and needs urgent intervention. Our people have the right to get rid of the occupation and live in dignity and freedom.”

#Gaza #FreePalestine #Christianity #Israel

Japan’s PM escapes explosion unharmed after suspected attack

The incident comes only nine months after Abe – Japan’s longest-serving prime minister – was assassinated while delivering a campaign speech in the western city of Nara. The assassination shocked Japan, where gun crime is rare. An investigation found serious flaws in Abe’s security and led to heightened security around politicians and other public figures.

#PrimeMinister #politicalnews #assassination

Gunmen storm Mexican resort, kill seven people, including child

Armed men on Saturday killed a child and six others after storming a resort in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, authorities said, in a region increasingly plagued by drug cartel violence.

#Violence #cartels #WarOnDrugs

How soils changed life on Earth

This new plant diversity was underpinned by a transition that occurred below the ground – the formation of roots and soils. Soils are so abundant today that we often take them for granted or assume they are a constant feature of our planet. But this is not the case. Deep soils as we know them have existed for less than 10% of our planet’s history.

#Soil #EarthDay #Science #Nature

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