The Week in Stories Around the Globe

Uganda’s anti-gay bill is the latest and worst to target LGBTQ Africans

“Queer people don’t owe anyone anything, but we also deserve to live just like everyone else.”

#Uganda #lgtbqia #HumanRights #Africa

Atlanta shuts down strategic park in ‘Cop City’ protest movement

“I never anticipated this – that Dekalb would do the swap, or that the city of Atlanta would do what they’re doing – particularly because the people running those municipalities are Black, and they should understand the importance of protecting this forest in an area that has suffered so much neglect,” she said – referring to Dekalb CEO Thurmond and the Atlanta mayor, Andre Dickens.

#StopCopCity #ATL #DekalbCounty

Chile Plans to Nationalize Its Vast Lithium Industry

Mexico is also working with governments of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to create a lithium association so the countries, which together account for more than half the world’s reserves, can share their expertise to exploit the mineral.

#Nationalize #Lithium #Mexico

Why we are the only humans in the Universe and why it matters for our collective future

Life is rare. We are rare. This planet is rare. Treasure life and planet, worship it, learn from Indigenous cultures and their sacred connection to the land. This is the moral imperative of our time, what we owe future generations and the life we share this planet with.

#Earth #Humans #life

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