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As the West surges toward electric cars, here’s where the unwanted gas guzzlers go

“Today with climate change, it doesn’t really matter where the emissions are taking place,” de Jong said. “Whether in Washington, DC, or Lagos, it makes no difference.”

#Benin #Kenya #ClimateCrisis #cars

China slams G7 statement; lodges protest against brazen interference in its internal affairs

Beijing Central Business District, mix of offices and apartments

“We urge G7 members to catch up with the trend of the times, focus on addressing the various issues they have at home, stop ganging up to form exclusive blocs, stop containing and bludgeoning other countries, stop creating and stoking bloc confrontation and get back to the right path of dialogue and cooperation,” 

#China #G7HiroshimaSummit #Taiwan #HumanRights

Criminals welcome as US recruits foreign proxies to wage ‘irregular war’ on adversaries

The Pentagon refused to tell the Times what countries these programs are active in. However, previous reports have noted that the US military ran its irregular warfare operation in Ukraine, where it trained forces for an eventual proxy war with Russia, years before Moscow’s 2022 invasion.

#USA #MilitaryIndustrialComplex #WarCriminal

A Quadrillion Tons Of Diamonds May Be Trapped Deep In Earth’s Interior

Scientists used sound waves to estimate the composition of the Earth’s upper mantle and found evidence that around a quadrillion tons of diamonds may be buried somewhere over 160 kilometers (100 miles) deep beneath our feet.

#Science #Diamond #Earth #Mantle

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