We Can’t Save Y’all!

As the 2018 election looms upon the horizon, there has been much speculation around the #BlueWave coming to save us all. One critical demographic that has been at the helm of trying to get the United States to hold it’s shit together is black folks. The 2016 election black voters overwhelmingly voted against Donald Trump. We all knew that this evil sociopath who hated “The Mexicans” would be coming for us Negroes next. Despite all this, Trump won the Electoral College and, thus, the White House, the rest is history. Trump has held on to many of his campaign promises no matter how detrimental to the society they may be.

I pointed out in an earlier post of mine that under the Trump Administration, all non-white men without money were gonna be screwed. That post was called “We’re All Niggas Now.” But perhaps those words fell on deaf ears, but the reality is real, and I wish I were wrong. Caitlyn Jenner found out this week she was not still a rich white man. White women found out, thanks to another white woman, a.k.a. Susan Collins that they were not rich white men. But white women gave Trump the assist after Pussygate, so shout out to 53%. Bill Cosby found out after all those years of being a champion of respectability politics and dissing poor Negroes wholesale that he was not a rich white man, despite his wealth. Latinos who sided with white supremacy and the Trump train are continually finding out they’re not rich white men, sorry Ted Cruz, your last name is still Cruz. That still means Mexican to Trump, Faux News, and the rest of the MAGA crowd.

Now the DNC has only courted the public this upcoming election by being the party that’s not associated with Trumpism. Yet, liberal politicians, like Cory Booker still answer to the same corporate masters of the GOP. It doesn’t matter if the DNC has not offered any real concrete plan of attack or alternative policies that would woo the fence-sitters this midterm election. Black folks are quite aware the DNC needs us more than we need the DNC. They haven’t offered to end the outdated electoral college, protect voter rights, and work to make sure that there is a direct democracy instead of a ‘representative’ one. They’re still barking civility to folks who want to build a wall on the border, lock up and bomb people who they disagree with them politically.

Kanye Sunken Place.jpg

Despite the sunken place Kanye and Candace Owen’s of the world who claim black people who side with Trumpism and the Grand Old Party are ‘freethinkers.’ Most black people refuse to side with the Party that is supported thoroughly by the alt-right and Klan. We’re stuck with the DNC, for now, thanks to the two-party system. But that means our so-called allies will turn their backs on us again and then blame us for the further collapse of the United States. Since the days of Fredrick Douglass, to Ida B. Wells, to MLK to now Colin Kaepernick, Black America has been on a bumpy and treacherous journey towards reclaiming our lost humanity that was stolen due to the legacy of slavery.

We knew that we had to force America to be the person she said she was but not through words but by action. It seems we’ve been holding up our end of the bargain for decades now. Fighting for human rights of all people in this nation. But yet, many of our fellow citizens will continue to excuse hate, bigotry, and racism in the name of civility as the United States continues its downward spiral into becoming Ayn Rand’s Libertarian Utopia. And everyone else’s nightmare. Dr. King said, “I’m afraid, I’ve racially integrated my people into a burning house.”

Well, black men and especially black women can’t save you America. Even though we keep on trying! Unfortunately, we’re still stuck in this burning house…together.

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One response to “We Can’t Save Y’all!”

  1. […] This election year, we’ve seen black people be impacted by both COVID and extrajudicial police murders. We’ve seen young people spark a massive global uprising in the middle of a goddamn pandemic. In the imagination of white liberals, they feel that it’s some revolutionary spirit within Black Americans that will save this nation. Well, this is stupid. Black Americans, like all Americans, are politically diverse and complex as everyone else in this country. Candace Owens and Larry Elder ain’t magical negroes. They’re self-hating assholes. Every group of people has its assholes. They’re just dangerous assholes. But it should not be put on the backs of black Americans to save this country. […]


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