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Rescuers Continue Search After Deadly Indonesia Plane Crash

Indo Plane Crash

“The National Search And Rescue Agency says that when the plane went down, its emergency locator transmitter beacon did not emit a distress signal — despite the beacon being certified through August of 2019.”

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11 people were gunned down at a Pittsburgh synagogue. Here are their stories

Jerry Rabinowitz

Cecil and David Rosenthal were familiar faces at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue. The brothers from Squirrel Hill sat in the back of the temple and greeted people as they came in to worship, said Suzan Hauptman, who grew up in the synagogue.

Cecil, 59, was tall and gregarious, she said. His younger brother, 54-year-old David, was the serious one.

#Judaism #Synagogue #ThisIsAmerica#MassShootings

Scientists are terrified that Brazil’s new president will destroy the ‘lungs of the planet’

Brazilian Rainforest

Bolsonaro has said he’s thinking about opening up a highway through the Amazon and barring environmental nongovernmental organizations like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund from the country, The Guardian reported earlier this month.

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Dinosaur eggs came in many colors—just like birds’

Dino eggs

Bird eggs have been admired since ancient times for their many hues and patterns, from the vivid blue of American robin eggs to the deep green-black of emu eggs. Now, a study shows these colors and markings are even older than we thought—they may have graced dinosaur eggs some 150 million years ago or more.

#Science #Dinosaurs #Birds #Biology

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