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Five Reason to Never Catcall 

Ever since I brought my house in Atlanta, Georgia, I routinely do yard work like a good little homemaker. It’s not the most fun thing to do, but #Adulting. Folks from the South will tell you it can get hot down here. Like very hot. So most of the time I do yard work I’m either in a muscle shirt or wearing no shirt. An unexpected consequence of that is me being catcalled on several occasions. I usually laugh it off or joke with my partner about it later.

As a straight male, I don’t have to worry about any negative consequences or fear of things escalating when I’m catcalled by a random guy, a group of women in a drop top, or a bus full of teenage girls. It’s rare and not a part of my daily life. However, for millions or even billions of women catcalling is a regular occurrence and severe problem. Verbal threats, sexual assault, and even murder can happen when women turn down sexual advances or catcalls of strange men in public places.

We now live in a post #MeToo era which I think is a good thing. There are some proponents of Me Too who claim that as a man you can’t even talk or flirt with a woman without the worry of accusations of sexual harassment. Well, that’s bs. People can still flirt, date, hook-up, and have relationships. It just means men shouldn’t be going around being dicks. I’m no angel and have been guilty of catcalling when I was younger. It’s not something I’m proud of, but as an evolved man you can learn from your mistakes. So here are five top reasons you should never catcall.


Sexual Harassment

  For one it’s a form of sexual harassment. Just imagine for a second that some random person on the street tells you that you have a nice ass, or touches you on the butt without consent. What about riding public transportation and someone pulling out their junk and flashing you. You’d be pissed off and feel very vulnerable whenever you went out. Those are all things many of my female colleagues have had to deal with every day. Some since the age of twelve. The same might also be true for my LGBTQ friends as well. Look at how things can escalate in countries like India or Bangladesh when it comes to street harassment.

Catcalling India


When you catcall someone and make sexually suggestive comments towards a stranger, you don’t come off as sophisticated or smooth. Nope, you just come off as a real creep. Thus creating fear. It’s not cool and makes you an asshole.

Giving Strangers Orders

My wife along with millions of other women across the country have to deal with being given orders by strange men. It’s a countless number of women who are told they should smile. Why do guys say this to women that don’t know anyway? Is it to imagine that those women are secretly smiling at them. Well, they’re not, and maybe like most people, women will smile when they’re laughing or in a good mood. It would weird if a person went around all day just smiling for no apparent reason. If I had to go about my daily routine and deal with some tool telling me to smile randomly, I’d look at the person sideways. However, it can be extremely uncomfortable or intimidating to a woman who is told to smile by a group of strange men.

It Never Works

I want to meet a person who has actually met the love of their life via catcalling. If you have and can confirm this fact. I’ll give you a hundred dollars of my hard earned cash. Seriously! 

It’s Dehumanizing

Andrea Nagel of the Sunday Times can break it down far better and I could ever:

“Flirting is about playfulness, catcalling is intended to demean; flirting assumes equality between the parties, catcalling is about dominance and manipulating the power dynamics of patriarchy; flirting is humanising, catcalling is objectifying; flirting is fun, catcalling is scary; flirting is consensual, catcalling is about power and control; flirting is one-on-one, catcalling is about group dynamics; flirting is respectful and catcalling is just plain f**king rude.”

Catcalling 2


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