The Struggle of Accessing Birth Control as a Man

The Struggle Is Real

I’m a guy who has dealt with a ton of hurdles trying to gain access to birth control. I’ve lived in Midwest, West Coast, and currently, live in the Deep South. So here goes my story of how difficult it was to access male birth control.

It wasn’t hard at all. No one looked at me sideways for buying condoms or tried to slut-shame me at the checkout. (Even at CVS!) I recently went to the Veteran’s Affairs Clinic in Georgia and signed up for vasectomy with ease. I had my procedure scheduled after the ten-minute chat with the doctor. The real kicker: I’m a married man who doesn’t have any children. I didn’t have to watch a crazy video or talk to a therapist or get yelled at by anti-abortion protesters as I entered the building. Nothing.

I’m pretty sure that my experiences would have been much different if I wasn’t a cisgendered man. In this case, the struggle isn’t that real, at least for us men. My wife would probably have a much different story to tell.



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