Leader of the Pack

The Alpha 

What have dogs taught me about being a leader, well a lot? Taking care of another living being is a huge task, but we humans are good at taking care of things. Well, sort of. Dogs need a leader of the pack or pack leader to guide, grow, and encourage them to be good dogs. But times have changed the idea of the alpha is wholly outdated. We were wrong about what the alpha is, and we’ve redefined what it means.

A real alpha takes care of their pack, not bully them. It’s about making sure everyone looked out for in the pack. That’s what a pack leader does.  To follow the advice of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, a balanced dog, needs three things: exercise, discipline, and affection. I think humans require the same things to be a more balanced and well-rounded person. An effective leader can bring out those qualities to uplift and inspire others. These are three things I learned.

One: Calm Assertive Energy

As a pack leader to a German Shephard and Pitbull Terrier, you need to be firm yet and calm, especially when taking them on their daily walks. You must get a pup to willingly comply with you. You don’t need to yell or bully the animal. In life, I have learned that it pays to be calm and assertive. No matter if it’s work colleagues, friendships, or relationships, you have to stand up and assert yourself. A confident person is always calm and assertive in life even if they get upset. It’s a great way to get an eighty-five pound, German Shephard to willingly comply with your commands. Also, being a calm and assertive leader is a great way to lead others effectively.


Two: Discipline 

Discipline doesn’t mean to bark (pun intended) orders at your pups or even people. The hyper-aggression chest thumper “alpha male” troupe won’t get you the respect of other people. They’ll think you’re a jerk. For your pup, the dog might just bite you, if you yell at it or abuse it. There’s no need to be an abusive leader. Discipline means setting boundaries for your pups. If you don’t set boundaries for the dogs in your house, they’ll end up running the home and becoming your pack leader. In life, especially if you’re working with people or leading people, you should always set boundaries. Just like other relationships in life, such as friendships, family, or romantic partners. Parameters are essential and create order out of potential chaos called life.  If you set boundaries, then you create mutual respect between you and your pup. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to give respect to get it

Three: Affection

As a pack leader, it’s always okay to give your dog some TLC. It creates strong bonds between you and your pup. We all know doggies love belly rubs. In the human world, it’s probably not okay to give folks belly rubs. But a good pack leader will always admit to making mistakes and not act like they know everything. They’ll encourage others to grow and develop. They will always push others to be the best version of themselves. We all make mistakes, and showing a little humility makes you human. It’s not weak for a leader to ask for help and show those that they’re leading some love for all they do. A good leader creates more leaders. If you make a mistake in learning how to be a true pack leader, it’s no worries, your pup will love you no matter what. Now, Good dog!

Effie and Stella2


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