Take Me Home

Shelter in Place 


The rise of COVID19 has changed the daily routine and livelihoods of billions across the globe. Countless people have been issued stay at home orders by local and national governments. That is unless you live in the United States, because, fuck Coronavirus and Freedom! But for those of us stuck at home due to the closing of public life. All in the name of stopping the spread, we know being home all day every day can induce cabin fever. The lack of certainty and a repetitive daily routine can cause mental stress for even the most confident amongst us. We are indeed living in interesting times. Besides the Rona, boredom can be our greatest foe these days. Especially if you’ve exhausted your Netflix queue and Oprah Book Club reading list. Here are three tips to beat the Rona Blues while you stay your ass home.

Zoom Party


I prefer Google Hangouts or Skype, but Zoom is seeing it’s heyday. I know for those of us fortunate to work at home, Zoom work calls have been the bane of our existence #TheStruggleIsReal. But a virtual cocktail party or dance party is actually fun. I was a skeptic several weeks ago, but they’re a pretty fun way to connect with other people. All you need is an internet connection or smartphone. From there you can connect with friends and family all over the world. Even if you don’t drink, it’s still a great way to catch up. The plus side is you know people are most likely home unless they’re essential workers.


P.S. If you are an essential worker, thank you, and I will fight to get y’all hazard pay and fair fucking wages. #FeeltheBern

Lonely teenager sitting outdoors


Get Outside  


Since I live in the United States of Craziness, many states are already easing restrictions and allowing people to go to beaches, barbershops, and beauty salons. I would caution that you keep your distance and go to less crowded spots. COVID19 doesn’t have a vaccine yet, and everyone is still at risk. Follow CDC guidelines. Or drink bleach like Trump suggested (don’t do that, I’m kidding). Getting some vitamin D is a good thing, and you can do it without putting yourself in harm’s way. You can walk your dog, jog to your local park (if it’s allowed), or hang out in your back yard or front porch. If you have access to a spot like that. I’ve taken to daily runs (which I dread, but gotta get that sexy summer bod) and working out in the local park. Since I live in Georgia and the only rules of social distancing here are there are no rules. Seriously, if you get outside, please social distance.


Quarantine and Chill



Many sit-down restaurants are closed. Movie theaters are shuttered. No night clubs or bars are poppin’ at the moment. Coffeehouses are dried up. And it will be a long time before you can see a Fugee’s concert (that will happen when Hell freezes over) or any concert for that matter. Just because things are shutdown doesn’t mean you can’t make a date with a special someone. For my single peeps out there, Tinder and Bumble are still up and running. Now, it’s probably not a wise thing to invite over a stranger amid the pandemic. You don’t want a hookup texting you that you gave them the Rona. Not a good look. But you can make a virtual date. Drinks, coffee, or stream a movie together—all ways to find love in the age of COVID19. It’s a new twist on old school courtship, players!

For those of us booed up and whose partner hasn’t worked our last nerve yet. You can plan a romantic evening in the backyard while watching a favorite movie. Or you can have a game night. Strip poker anyone? Making a meal together is also a fun thing to do, as well. Things might never get back to the way they use to be, but one thing is for sure is we humans are highly adaptable. The hope is to come out of this era of social distancing a bit wiser, and with our health intact. But in the meantime, don’t let boredom get you down.

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