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Anti-communist protesters heckle staff emptying China’s consulate in Houston

Great Wall

Houston is a major medical hub known for top-notch research on cancer, infectious diseases and since the pandemic hit this year, vaccines for the coronavirus, which first emerged in China late last year. The city is also home to dozens of oil and gas producers that develop technologies used around the world.

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Man fatally shot at Austin protest was pushing fiancee’s wheelchair, families say

Love Austin Texas BLM

Foster and Mitchell moved to Austin about two years ago, the couple’s mothers said. Both shy and introverted, he took care of her and she designed and made clothes, all “with no arms and legs,” his mother said. Sewing started as a form of therapy for Mitchell, Kirven said, that grew into a passion and a business.

#GarretFoster #blacklivesmatter #Austin #RestInPower



A Thousand Attend anti-Netanyahu Protest in Jerusalem for Fourth Time This Week


The protests started last month and as they grew and turned into marches on the center of the city, the police response also became increasingly forceful, with law enforcement deploying riot control units, as well as mounted units and water cannons.

#Iseral #Uprising2020 #Netanyahu


Our Universe is too vast for even the most imaginative sci-fi

Milky Way 3

Our simplest cosmological models suggest that the Universe is uniform in its properties on the largest scales, and extends forever. A variant idea says that the Big Bang that birthed our Universe is only one of a (possibly infinite) number of such explosions, and that the resulting ‘multiverse’ has an extent utterly beyond our comprehension.

#TheUniverse #Science #Space #physics

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