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Meet the typical Chinese millennial, who makes $22,000 a year but has no student debt, grew up in an economic boom, and has learned how to outhustle everyone else

Compared with the American millennial, the Chinese millennial might be better off financially. Insider’s Hillary Hoffower wrote that the average American millennial was delaying life goals because of student-loan debt. Chinese millennials earn much less than their American counterparts, but they are not saddled with massive student-loan debt.

 #millennials #economics

Brazil’s schools set to reopen amid record COVID-19 child deaths

The end of mass death and the prevention of the emergence of a new variant, potentially even more transmissible and deadly, requires stopping all non-essential sectors of the economy through the mass mobilization of teachers and all other sections of the working class. Only through a unified struggle of the international working class can the resources of society be directed to guarantee the safety of all workers, with strict hygiene protocols and personal safety equipment in essential workplaces. In the case of teachers and their students, computers and high-speed internet must be provided for all to guarantee high quality remote education.

#Brazil #COVID19 #Pandemic #children

Remembering the 1967 ‘Albina riot’

That’s a major difference between the riots of the 1960s and the 1970s. The Black people knew what the situation was, what it was going to be and what to expect. The protesters of 2020, were surprised by what they received when they engaged in what they considered to be legitimate protest.

#Portland #CivilRights #History

Helion Energy Achieves Key Fusion Milestone

The development of fusion energy is a world-class challenge involving many international leaders in science, technology, and industry. All of them are putting their experience and skills at the service of revolutionary technology. Advanced computing solutions also make it possible to use highly complex mathematical models to describe the physics of plasma and simulate its behavior. When fusion is technologically mature enough to be used industrially, it will open up an unprecedented scenario where an extensive supply of clean, safe and sustainable energy can finally be guaranteed.

 #energy #Science #technology

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