Santa Isn’t Real, and other fables

Imagination is a beautiful gift we humans have, and no other being on Earth possesses it from what we know. Children often have an overactive imagination, and we’ve created fables in our different cultures to cultivate kids’ imaginations. It’s not a problem to believe in fairy tales when you’re a six-year-old, but it’s far different from believing in fantasy as a 30-year-old adult without mental disabilities. 

We can mock children because of their love of make-believe, but we shouldn’t. Let kids have their myths while they’re youth. Although, when we are sound-minded adults who believe in mass delusions and myths, it becomes a problem. Here are a few fables that children believe in, but also fables adults believe in too.

Children: Santa is real. 

Adults: Trickle-down economics work.

Children: The Easter Bunny is real.

Adults: An invisible hand guides the “free market.”  

An Easter bunny rabbit cartoon character with a basket on an Easter egg hunt

Children: There’s a leprechaun at the end of every rainbow. 

Adults: Both U.S. political parties care about the citizens they govern, not the corporate elites.

Children: The Tooth Fairy leaves money under your pillow when your teeth fall out. 

Adults: Rich people work harder than everyone else. 

Children: The cow jumped over the moon.

Adults: Right-wing Libertarianism is a sound political philosophy

Children: The Boogeyman is hiding under the bed.

Adults: Reverse racism is real.  

Children: Spiderman is the best superhero, and he lives in New York City.

Adults: Billionaires are good people

Children: The Big Bad Wolf ate grandma.

Adults: The United States is the most – free nation on earth.

Children’s fantasy leads to creativity and thinking outside the box; unfortunately, for adults, our grown-up fables continue to lead to countless people’s suffering and economic despair. Another world is possible. However, we adults must learn that Santa isn’t real if we want a better world for all people.

“I’m Santa Claus Mofos!”

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