American Psychos

The definition of a psychopath is “a person affected by chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.” There are some differences between someone diagnosed as a sociopath versus a psychopath. For the sake of this article, we’re gonna use psychopath. I am a licensed social worker but not a psychologist or psychiatrist. I can’t officially diagnose an individual with this disorder. However, I can observe culture, and with remarkable comfort, I can say that the United States of America is a psychopathic culture. There’s even a great article written by a non-U.S. Citizen who lives in the Good Ol’ USA titled “Are American’s Sociopaths.” It’s a terrifying and informative read. 

The United States of Hate 

The United States of America was founded on the genocide of the indigenous population, a massive land grab, and the enslavement of Africans. Now, the U.S. could have recognized this and changed its course. It could have reconciled its horrid past with Native Americans and offered descendants of slaves reparations. Instead, it stood the course and refused to acknowledge its unsavory history. In some cases, the U.S. outright denies its history by banning honest books because it might make little white kiddies feel bad. (Which is a blatant lie, but I digress). Shout out to Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. 

So how is the U.S. culture a psychopathic culture? Any honest person with common sense can see it in our daily news headlines. It’s not even six months into 2023, and the United States has already had over 200 plus mass shootings. In addition to the risk of getting shot in the United States, just doing mundane things like going to school, work, the mall, a movie, or a concert. If you survive your mass shooting but still end up in the hospital. You will have to deal with the fact that there is no universal healthcare system in the United States. Yes, we have Medicare and the V.A. Hospitals. Lack of funding and continued gutting of the public health sector means those healthcare services will be subpar as budgets dry up. 

The United States has an extreme poverty rate, especially among children, compared to other so-called developed nations. In fact, our psychopathic culture is pushing for kids to go into the workplace as states strike down child labor laws. Migrant youth work in horrid conditions in factories and meat packing plants. Most of all, my countless fellow Americans’ extreme selfishness and narcissism make the USA a psychopathic nation, from wealthy and powerful A-list celebrities to regular everyday citizens showing their inflated egos on social media. People barely care about their own families, let alone the plight of a needy stranger. Our culture rewards those who live by the mantra, “I got mine, Jack!” or those who take pride in being a selfish asshole.

Trash filled urban alleyway in a run down inner city urban neighborhood in Holyoke, Massachusetts surrounded by large brick tenements. American inner cities remain concentrations of poverty, homelessness, unemployment, crime, and drugs.

House on Fire 

The United States is akin to a meth lab. It’s just waiting to blow. The U.S. is a lunatic empire. Thankfully the United States is slowly losing its influence on the world stage as the Global South continues to rise and challenge the global hegemony of the United States. On the flip side, like the metaphorical meth labs, the United States is highly volatile. This is the only nation on Earth to deploy nuclear weapons, and the U.S. has military bases throughout the globe. The U.S. War Machine is one of the leading causes of climate change. Our foreign policy experts and our nation’s military leaders would claim this is necessary to maintain global peace, but the world thinks otherwise. Countless polls have shown that most of the world thinks the United States threatens global peace and security

The USA’s warmongering foreign policy has finally come home. A nation that has spent most of its existence at war has turned that war inward. Mass shootings have become the norm in U.S. society. Our freckles and corporate-controlled politicians send out empty thoughts and prayers but never upset the gun lobby to design rational and effective gun policies. A critical mass of U.S. citizens are happy with a weapon like an AR-15 having more rights than a refugee. If you’re a refugee from one of the nations the U.S. has bombed or had the CIA overthrow its leaders to keep U.S. corporate interests boundless, greed satiated. You will not be welcome here with open arms but locked in a cage on the Southern border

The United States is a fascist police state where billions of dollars in tax revenue go to the continuously growing military-industrial complex and state and local police. The reason why it’s such a police state is because of the rampant poverty and wealth inequality in this nation. Experts know the most effective anti-crime program in history would be ending poverty in this nation by providing its citizens affordable housing, living wages, universal healthcare, and free and low-cost college and trade school. Many fellow citizens complain that programs and efforts that uplift humanity cost too much money or say, I’m not paying for someone else. I much rather my taxes go to feeding a hungry family versus building a Cop City facility. 

Politicians in this nation will call my public policy proposals ‘Pie in the Sky.’ Shout out to Hillary Clinton! Sadly, many fellow citizens are okay with traumatizing kids because of school shooting drills. Our society hasn’t prioritized ending mass shootings because having a lot of guns in one’s personal arsenal is freedom. Yet wanting a liveable wage where you can afford a place to live in New York City, Chicago, or Memphis, TN, is socialism. The United States doesn’t do socialism unless it’s Uncle Sam bailing out corporations who engage in risky practices that tank the economy every five to ten years. 

The voters of the United States thrive off the politics of fear. The MAGA and Christmas Tree Caucus rally around fear of ‘the other.’ Gay people, black people, and so-called illegal immigrants paint a picture that the whole United States is a cesspool like Gotham City. They say we need law and order to remove these undesirable people. The liberals are no better because they thrive off of fear-mongering too. If you don’t elect the Democrats, things will worsen. Even though things have continued to slide back to the 1900s in the USA, with both Republicans and Democrats being in power over the last forty years.

However, don’t mention programs that Senator Bernie Sanders ran on in 2016 and 2020 because giving all citizens and non-citizens healthcare is communism. And liberals and conservatives alike hate commies. In fact, citizens are fine with over two million of our fellow Americans dying of COVID-19 as long as they’re not inconvenienced. Why give everyone healthcare in a pandemic? That’s unrealistic, but it seems these same liberals and conservative voters have no problem with the government sending billions to the nation of Ukraine to fight a proxy war with Russia. 

In the end, if China and Russia want to defeat the United States, all they have to do is sit on their asses and let the country crumble from within. We are only a few steps away from being a Christain Fascist nation with a rainbow coalition of Nazis. But hey, at least I have my guns. Murica! 

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