Good Ol’ Uncle Joe

I got a Black Friend

The upcoming 2020 presidential election has been off to a crazy start already. The current orange asshole in the white house might just be impeached. Why because he might have asked a foreign government to investigate the ‘so-called’ Democratic presidential frontrunner, former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Speaking of the former Vice President, we see this is the yet another blatant example of #WhitePrivilege. The media and pollsters have all but called it. The assumption is that democratic presidential primary will be won by Joe Biden even before the first vote has been cast. The thinking is that best chance to beat the old racist white guy is to nominate slightly less racist old white guy. Thus someone like, Joe Biden.

But how can Joe Biden be racist? He best friend was the first black president of the United States, you might say. We forget Biden once said this, about then-Senator Obama back in 2007; “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Then, President Obama made Good Ol’ Uncle Joe his Vice President in 2008. That ain’t a good look, Barack.

Uncle Joe Obama

So the only reason why Joe Biden is the supposed front runner is cause he had a ‘black’ friend. Yet again, another white person benefitting from the hard work of a Negro. Folks, that’s about American as apple pie and mass shootings.

Say It Ain’t Joe

The thing is that Joe Biden has been an elected official for over 40 plus years. He has a strong track record of supporting fuck shit policies and legislation throughout his political career. Here are the five top reasons that Uncle Joe should not be the Democratic presidential nominee, let alone the President of the United States

  1. His support of the 1994 crime and jump-starting the era of mass incarceration 
  2. Throwing Anita Hill under the bus thus paving the way for Justice Clarence Thomas
  3. Making sure that one can’t file bankruptcy for student loans
  4. Being the creepy Uncle Joe in the post #MeToo era
  5. Being buddies with Segregationists

So, at the end  of the day, fuck Joe Biden!

Uncle Joe Obama .jpg

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4 responses to “Good Ol’ Uncle Joe”

  1. […] We saw the likes of Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis tell leftist and activist types that this time we need to really vote for the ‘two of lesser evils.’ All in the name of defeating the greatest evil (according to the brunch brigade) the world had ever seen in Donald J. Trump. I personally say of the modern presidents, Reagan, W. Bush, and Nixon, was far more sinister than the vicious idiots spearheading Trumpism. Voters on the left were told we would be able to ‘push Joe Biden left.’ A man who’s an almost fifty-year career in politics reeks of the ‘white moderate” MLK warned us of in the late 1960s. But at least Trump is no longer president, but to quote Good Ol’ Uncle Joe, “nothing will fundamentally change.” […]


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