Joe Biden Hates Black People

A Not so Brief History of Joe Biden’s Racism

I can hear it now; how can Joe Biden hate black people? He has a ‘black’ friend named Obeezy and Jimmy CoonBurn of South Carolina. History has shown us that the current figurehead of the U.S. Empire has a long history of racism that directly impacted black people. Now, folks, I am in no way advocating for Republicans or the former President Donald Trump. He was terrible, but most U.S. presidents are. But Joe Biden being marginally and, in my opinion, it’s debatable, better than Trump is a low-ass bar.

I could successfully argue that Trump was miles better than the first U.S. President, George Washington. Washington was a vicious slave owner; thus, it makes him far worse than Trump. But we’re again dealing with a low-ass bar. So, Joe Biden compared to George Washington or Donald Trump, Biden comes out looking a tad bit better. But he only looks good if you ignore his long history of racist actions and policies promoted by Good Ol’ Uncle Joey!

The lesser of two evils is still evil, folks. But I know he’s a Democrat and wears a blue tie; thus, he’s ‘the good guy’ if you let MSNBC or CNN tell you. I can attest liberal racism is just as bad as the conservative kind. I, for one, like my racists honest and upfront. It’s the one thing I respected about Trump. He’s was an honest asshole. So without further ado. Here’s a not-so-exhausting list of Biden’s long and storied history of being a bigot and supporting some racist ass policies.

I know this post will piss off bougie DNC loyalist kneegrows and MSDNC liberals. But from the bottom of my heart. Fuck Joe Biden! I can say this is a military veteran and a U.S. taxpayer. And maybe it’s not just Biden that hates black people. But perhaps the U.S. voters hate black people too. Even the black voters do too, I guess. But if Jim Crow Joe, is the best we can do as a nation we deserve to be an empire in decline. The world would be a better place with people like Joe Biden and Co not running things.

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