Thoughts on Black Conservatives

What is a black conservative? The definition of a conservative is “a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values.” As a black person in the United States, what is a black person trying to conserve? The truth is they have nothing to converse. A simple U.S. History lesson shows that the United States has been a hostile place for black people throughout the centuries. 

What are black conservatives trying to conserve? American slavery, chain gangs, Jim Crow, or police brutality and murder that still haunts the black community to this very day? A black conservative will tell me I have a “victim mentality.” Then say they’re not victims. They’d be fucking wrong. Just look at history or current times. They’d be no need for the black lives matter movement in the 2010s if racism ceased to exist. When police murder and brutalize black and brown people regularly, that’s not just a few bad apples. It’s a system that’s rotten to the core. The cops will also rough up poor white people too. Since the Supreme Court ensured us that the role of the police isn’t to serve and protect the public. They’re here to maintain the shit status quo.

In the Trump era, we have a rainbow coalition of Nazis, not precisely what Fred Hampton had in mind when he coined the term “Rainbow Coalition.” Kanye West has gone so far into the Sunken Place that he said Hitler wasn’t that bad. Despite the fact, the Nazis would have gladly put his black ass in a gas chamber if they still controlled Germany. Candace Owens is the worse. I don’t know what her father did to her, but she hates black men. In fact, she hates all black people. She spews poison all the time. 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder speaks to supporters during an Asian Rally for Yes Recall at the Asian Garden Mall in Little Saigon, Westminster, California, on September 4, 2021 – The recall election, which will be held on September 14, 2021, asks voters to respond two questions: whether Newsom, a Democratic, should be recalled from the office of governor, and who should succeed Newsom if he is recalled. Forty-six candidates, including nine Democrats and 24 Republicans, are looking to take Newsom’s place as the governmental leader of California. (Photo by RINGO CHIU / AFP) (Photo by RINGO CHIU/AFP via Getty Images)

Then you got the O.G. black conservative assholes like Clarence, ” the sexual harasser,” Thomas, and Larry Elder. They’ve been shuckin’ and jivin’ since the 1980s. They’ve done significant damage to the black community over the years. Folks like the infamous black conservatives I’ve just mentioned think “Cooning for America” will make them the Special Negro. These fools gladly uphold white supremacy. A system that is anti-black and hates black people no matter how well they dress, talk, or what fancy degree they may have. Like the late Civil Rights leader Malcolm X once said. What do racists call a black doctor? They call them “nigger”.

Look at Tiger Woods, a man who plays golf with Trump and didn’t recognize that he got his Negro wake-up call when he lost millions of dollars in endorsements. Why? Because he had sex with multiple white women. (I mean, Tiger could have diversified his bonds when it came to his side pieces tho). Tiger did cheat on his then-wife, but his relationships with those other women were consensual, which makes it a domestic issue between him and his ex-wife. It was perhaps unethical, but Tiger didn’t do anything illegal. That fool still didn’t learn his lesson.

Finally, black conservativism isn’t limited to only Black Republicans. Black Democrats and liberals are just as conservative, with fewer racist talking points and a couple of gay friends. Black democrats might be liberal when it comes to issues of race, and social justice. But they hold just as many conservative values as their Republican counterparts. Black Democrats gladly favor free market enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas like Church and the nuclear family. Black liberals will even repeat the ridiculous notion that black conservatives parrot. The main problem in the black community is young folks sagging their pants, listening to Cardi B and “black-on-black” crime. Many black liberals also think that black capitalism will save black people.

We ended up with a man like Jim Crow Joe Biden as the President of the United States because he wasn’t Trump. Famous DNC sycophant and professor Michael Eric Dyson claimed Hilary “Super Predators” Clinton was the savior of black people. Our first Black President, Barack Obama, stated in multiple interviews he wanted to model his presidency after the infamous hater of black people, President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Democrats use flowery language but engage in the same anti-black politics as their Republican counterparts. Look at the city of Atlanta, where the black political leadership is forcing the construction of a multi-millionaire cop training facility known as Cop City in Walaunee People’s Park. All because protesters in 2020 hurt the cop’s feelings even though cops have been murdering and brutalizing black people since their Slave Patrol origins. A police training facility where they’ll no doubt learn more tactics to repress poor black communities as an occupying force. No different than the Israeli Defense Forces repressing the Palestinian people.   

Ultimately, my black conservatives have nothing to conserve. They know that cooning won’t save them. But they hunker down on their cooning to support the system of white supremacy. No matter what Uncle Ruckus tells you, there’s no ‘White Heaven” waiting for you when you die, but that doesn’t stop black conservatives from trying to make earth White Heaven. They only sell themselves short and hate their blackness in the end. It’s terrifying to think that some black people will fight so hard to uphold their oppression better than white folks. As the old saying goes, every brotha ain’t a brotha.

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