A Convo w/ a Liberal

It’s almost time for the midterm elections. As you heard, “it’s the most important election of our lifetimes” is upon us. I’m sure if the Democrats lose to the fascist and racist GOP, the Media will blame everything on everyone else for the DNC losses. Black people, Trumpers, the new Weird Al movie, or Russian super spy agents. With a president with a 40% approval rating, it’s not looking good for the Donkey Party this midterm election.

Liberal: Joe Biden is the greatest president of all time. But we must #votebluetosavedemocracy this election day!

Me: His inflation reduction act bill was a giveaway to the fossil fuel industry and failed to address the climate crisis impacting humanity now. Not to mention it fails to address the growing wealth inequality that has ballooned since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liberal: You see, your type of thinking helps Trump and the GOP win! You leftist commies always want things to be perfect!

Me: I don’t want it to be perfect. I want all people to have a better life. I think the GOP is the most anti-human organization on the planet earth. But Biden and the Democratic Party aren’t focused on helping struggling Americans as we reach this upcoming election. No, national talk about raising wages, medicare for all during an ongoing pandemic, or even making election day a federal holiday to make it easier for folks to get to the ballot box. Under the Democratic Majority the last couple of years, the kids are still in cages; Biden’s bombed Syria twice, people still don’t have healthcare during a pandemic, they created an unwieldy and half-ass student debt cancellation plan, they haven’t taxed the rich. He’s given more money to the police, used the defense budget, and supported fracking and more pipelines.

Liberal: You need to understand how incremental change works!

Me: But millions of Americans are now struggling under the Biden administration. Roe V. Wade was overturned. They told us to just vote versus codifying it into the law of the land, and they’ve pledged billions for a proxy war with Russia. No real talks of helping working-class people hurt by the outrageous cost of living thanks to inflation.

Liberal: Well, that means we need to vote blue harder!

Me: Why encourage people to vote when their economic and political situation worsens, despite what major political party is in power? It’s a sinking ship, and “voting harder” isn’t the solution for many struggling people.

Liberal: You just don’t know the way things work!

Me: Well, I do. I’m a U.S. Navy veteran who studied public policy and social work at the University of Chicago. I’ve organized people at the grassroots level and around labor rights. I’m a proud union member. I’ve fed the homeless at soup kitchens. Even advocated for policies to uplift veterans at the state and federal levels. I think I have an idea U.S. political system works.

Liberal: But Trump!

Me: DNC policy and politics have greatly enabled the GOP over the last 40 years!

Liberal: But Trump!

Me: Trump isn’t running for president just yet. It’s the midterms, so that’s Congressional seats and local offices up for grabs.

Liberal: Look here, Putin-lover!  A vote for Republicans is a vote for Trump, a vote for Democrats is a vote for Trump, and a vote for the Green Party is a vote for Trump! Not voting is a vote for Trump. Because everything is Trump, and all there is, is Trump. And Russia!

Me: Oh, Fuck it!

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