Fuck Dem Kids 2.0

It’s 2023, and one of U.S. history’s most shitty past times is back with a vengeance: Child Labor. I wrote in a previous post that the United States of America’s bolstering of caring about the welfare of children in this nation. Yet it fails children and teens at every turn. The good old U.S.A. is bringing back child labor because those crumb snatchers need to pull their own weight, dammit! In reality, soulless corporations are lobbying state and local governments to weaken labor laws that allow them to hire younger workers, all under the guise that the grow-ups don’t want to work due to them getting stimmy checks or whatever the new excuse the politico talking heads make-up. 

More and more states are headed by corrupt and spineless politicians who have gleefully repealed child labor protections or turned the other way while companies violate those child labor laws. At the same time, businesses violate these laws designed to protect children from working. The Biden administration has failed to protect migrant children. Countless children have been discovered working in meat packing factories and other dangerous industries. Liberals went on and on about the Trump Administration “locking up babies in cages.” The Biden administration has allowed migrant children to be stolen by big businesses to work in exploitative conditions. It’s been radio silence from the brunch brigade. Both major political parties have failed the children of this nation.

Much research indicates that child labor negatively impacts children’s education and overall health. These heartless companies are refusing to pay parents a living wage. Instead, they chose to hire the kids of those parents to exploit financially desperate families during an era of hyperinflation and economic instability. The United States has created conditions that rob children and teens from the nation’s poorest families of their childhood. Unfortunately, we must work in this capitalist hellhole to pay for basic needs like housing and food. Because according to idiot libertarians, capitalism is the best economic system humans have ever created. We all know that the children of the wealthy won’t have to get jobs at 14 working at McDonald’s or a factory like trafficked migrant children

On the flip side, you have Republican lawmakers advocating for child marriage, like Missouri State Senator Mike Moon, who publicly claimed that he supports a 12-year-old’s right to get married. I’m sure these creeps wouldn’t mind lowering the age of consent nationwide. All to protect perverts from prosecution such as child molesters, sex traffickers, statutory rapists, or incestuous fathers. At the same time, these same creeps have done everything in their power to criminalize abortion and access to abortion. This means teens and child victims of rape or incest aren’t allowed to get an abortion. This is yet another example of the United States not giving a fuck about kids. 

The final straw was the push to ban drag shows because drag queens are the biggest threat to children. Even though, from my knowledge, no drag queens have advocated child marriage. The spike in anti-trans bills targeting youth and teens will further drive young people to the margins of society or worse. We should do everything to protect trans kids along with all children. This is a horrid reality due to the pompous religious right claiming LGBTQ lifestyles harm children and promote pedophilia despite no evidence showing that exposure to LGBTQ lifestyles harms children. 

But there is clear evidence that the Catholic Church has caused severe harm to children throughout the centuries. Countless school districts have been cited for sexual and physical abuse of students. Bad teachers, coaches, and school administrators have harmed children. Drag Queen storytime at the local library hasn’t done that. So when I say the United States continues to fail children. America loves to claim we do everything to protect children. Reality tells us differently. America loves to say, fuck them kids. 

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